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Going back in time with her Family (around 1930) young, tall and slim Elizabeth later in life....... --->

Welcome! Bienvenidos!

Welcome to our website. This a work in progress and up to now it is the result of many years in search of those that by chance or luck are our ancestors. We are the result of very fragile succession of events, in which any small change in one event could have resulted in a different story.

Our ancestral extended family is beyond our common knowledge, its origins and past family members are so different from what we could expect and in a way at some point we are part of them. Our unknown family members are found thanks to their past history, documents, books, websites and other. The number of family members can grow so much that in the end we will find that we all have at least one common family member with all other families.

Select any of the surnames (last names) on the bottom and it will take you to a page where you can find family members with that last name.

Early start of a great life.

--->....married this young student who appears in this photo taken around 1917 (bottom row third from left).